What is Digi Card?

Make a great first impression. No business cards? No problem! With NFC smart technology, always be ready to connect.

Customize Your Cards. Branding is Everything!

Your business should be in a constant state of generating leads and closing deals. With our integrated smart technology you are guaranteed a higher ROI with every meeting! Get persons to experience everything about your brand in real time, sign up on your website, and become apart of your weekly email campaigns.

When you own your audience you are are able to...

Win despite of the algorithm

Your social profiles are useful, but you are limited with the amount of exposure you get daily. The algorithm owns your content and your audence. Stop being constricted and reach your people on your own terms!

Create a 1:1 with their audience

Get connected and stay connected with the people that want to know more about you, your business, and what you have to offer without any distractions.

Build Relationships

Once your prospects have your card, they are now apart of your audience. Keep them updated in real time with new promos, updates or anything you think they need to know! Build that Know, Like and Trust factor quickly!

Secure the sale

Instead of advertising to random people who are most likely apart of a cold audience; collect emails at every meeting and warm them up to secure monthly sales more quicly and efficiently. Send more powerful sales messages to the people who care the most.